With the noise about the coming elections deafening, its a wonder if people are aware that their TVs could cease to function effectively by June 2015. This is due to the digitization of television broadcasting in Nigeria which will mean the present analogue method of broadcasting free to air TV channels will be stopped. That means your TV might be useless by then as it won’t show anything.

    It’s a shame that the NBC (National broadcasting commission) is not doing any sensitization of the public to this fact as a lot of the TV sets around cannot carry digital broadcasts. The deadline of June 2015 was set by the ITU (International telecommunications union) years ago and they just reiterated that they are not shifting the date so for those of you hoping for a postponement, sorry! This means your TV might be a relic from June this year

   Many of the local TV stations will be shifting to digital broadcasting by June which will enable more TV channels to be broadcast where one channel was broadcast before. It will also open up the possibility of getting internet access through your TV. NTA is presently doing a test run in Jos.
   One way of getting past this TV blackout is to buy a digital decoder like that of star times, GOtv or any other Digital broadcasting company. (Now you know why many new digital TV stations are coming up) Without these decoders/set top boxes your TV will not be able to show the digital transmission from the TV stations. There are lots of them coming into the country now so there is a lot to choose from. Some of them you will have to pay a subscription monthly like the startimes and Gotv but there are some that will not need you to pay a subscription monthly. Find out about these before you go buy your digital decoder/set top boxes.

   In the alternative you can go for the government licensed decoders as recent reports indicate that the NBC has licenced a British company, inview, to produce set top boxes/ decorders for the Nigerian market. I heard rumours that they might be subsidized for the Nigerian public but haven’t gotten any concrete info yet.
      For those of you about to buy new TV sets make sure you buy sets that are digital transmission ready. Its a travesty that analogue TV sets  are still being sold in Nigeria against the background of the coming digital switch over. Most of these analogue TVs are rejects from countries that have completed their digital switch over so be careful when purchasing your TV. Go for the  LCD or LED TVs as you don’t need a decoder to get digital signals. For advice on buying a new TV go to this site
    I hope this has sensitized you to what will be coming soon in the TV industry. So start preparing now.


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