For my movie enthusiasts audience sorry I have veered away from topics on the movie industry for a while. Someone asked me a question on a social forum about moving from her home state of Osun State to Lagos in order to take up acting and I gave a reply. I have reproduced the reply here in case there is anybody else who is asking the same question. Note that this answer applies no matter what country you are in or the movie industry. In other words you could substitute Lagos with Mumbai, Los Angeles, Paris or any other film making hub. 

     My sister most of the acting jobs are in Lagos. But before you begin to pack
your bags you have to ask yourself if acting what you want to do
because I can assure you there will be a lot of challenges and
roadblocks on the way. There is no guarantee that your desires will be
fulfilled as there are many ex actors and models past their prime who
didn’t achieve anything after years in the industry. On the other hand
there are people who have become stars after years of toiling and taking
a lot of poo. Even if you are good there is no guarantee that you will
make it. At the start the take home pay you will receive won’t be able
to take you home.
    Its not that I am discouraging you but I want you
to know if you really desire a career in acting. I started out acting in
high school in the 90s and backed out after 3 years. 10 years later I
came back more determined and today I make a living as a screenwriter.
Along the way I have seen many talented people fall by the wayside
because of the frustrations in the industry which can be nerve racking.
(Poor pay, exploitation, sexual harassment) Tope Tedela, Kingsley Udegbe
(Oga Titus), Kiki Omeilli and Judith Audu are my contemporaries. They
took all the poo the industry gave them and today they are being
celebrated. So you have to know what you are facing before you jump in.
    If you are in school stay there until you graduate so that if your
acting fails you can get a job with your degree and have an option. Also make sure you learn
a skill or craft that will attract customers and enable you survive
when acting doesn’t pay. If you do decide to come to Lagos pay attention to your
acting and attend auditions. If you can get a part time job or
something that will feed you, Lagos is expensive. Make sure you study
your craft well. Watch foreign movies to see how the professionals do it
and practice your acting before a mirror. (Sorry but most so called
Nigerian star actors are wack!!!)
     The aim in acting is not to
pretend to be that character in the script but TO BE that character to
the extent that you live like the character. (Try and get these two
series leverage and hustle. They are con artistes but they are
successful because they act convincingly good as the characters they are
portraying) Forget about those so called production houses where they
tell you to register with money and they will include you in their
acting jobs. Many of them are fraudsters and of the few that are real
their jobs are so horrible nobody watches them. (I am talking from
personal experience)
      If you are ready to be patient and take the poo
and you have someone to chill with in Lagos or can get a job or have a source of funds, then come in. But if you
feel you cant take it its better you don’t start that journey. I know
many who started in the acting world and have now
dropped off because of the stress. Do it because you love the job and
not for the money. Sorry for the long epistle but I feel you have to
understand what you wanna do before you jump in.


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