About Me


Hi people my name is Giovanni Durojaiye but I am known as Jovi Babs. I will describe myself as adventurous, inquisitive and a bit of an introvert. (Yeah I know how contradictory that sounds).

I have been working in the Nigerian movie industry for 5 years now as an actor, scriptwriter and producer and I have seen a lot happen in the industry that even the media doesn’t cover.


Lately I have concentrated on script writing and production coordinating in Nollywood and it has been an eye opener. I am combining this with being an entrepreneur and a Forex trader.

(Yes I am one of those crazy guys who do that kind of thing!)

I have decided to give you my readers an inside scoop on the technicalities of the movie industry and other things that I am concerned about and interested in.


(NB- if you want gossip and its like better waka forward as I will disappoint you by its non appearance here)